Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The 'Tweens, Forever

The truth was, is, and always will be, that we were never alone. 

Not in the way you would like to think. They were always there, in some form or another. Always watching, always listening - always changing things.

I can guarantee you that anyone who has taken more than a few photographs will have not seen them in the background. Look again, that’s them behind a tree, or perhaps under the stairs, or maybe just a pair of eyes sitting next to your grandmother.

In the early twenty first century we were unsure about dark matter, dark energy or dark forces. We lived in the light, we always did, but only shadows, only contrast, can truly give answers.

The photo you see here was the first that went viral on the ‘Net. There were the cynics who thought it was placed there – purposely, dishonestly - but nothing could be further from the truth. Believe me. The woman, whose photo it was, just happened to be in the right place and the wrong time.

You’re reading this right now and I will bet you that a ‘Tween is sitting watching you. Hey, no point in turning around, that’s not how they roll. They don’t live like us – they live in the ‘in-betweens’. You see, the universe is made up of more space than it is of matter, even gravity and time work in waves. The ‘Tweens live in the spaces between everything. They control everything.

Now you think I’m being hysterical. I’m not, I promise you. Once, some of their activities were attributed to the ‘gremlins’. You know what I mean, you leave two pieces of string on a table in parallel and the next time you find them they’re twisted. It’s not only the strings that are twisted; they are, too.

You’ve seen them out of the corner of your eye. Admit it, you have. You’re sitting on a summer’s night, watching the sun going down and you think you’ve seen something just out of range, something which flickers; dashing into that dark, dark, corner. That wasn’t tiredness, that wasn’t imagination. That was them. The ‘Tweens.

You, who are reading this, think I am mad. Insane. You know what? I probably thought the same about me when all this started. I should have just acknowledged that they were there, and left it at that. But this is me, and I don’t do half-finished jobs. I just wanted to know the truth. Don’t we all in the end?

So I started watching for them, setting up cameras with faster and faster speeds. Nothing. At least, not at first. Then I photographed a streak, a blur, a ‘Tween. My blood ran cold, I have to be truthful. It took me two years, but I proved that they were there. Not that everyone believed me. I took it to the Royal Society but they threw me out as if I was a madman.
‘Little green men’, they called them. Said I should talk to those folks who think that the world leaders are all, actually, lizards.

But you see, I know. I really know.
It’s too late for me now but not for you. They are there, just out of your eye-line, watching you - waiting. Just ignore them. I wish I had. You see I am not writing this on any electronic tablet, or computer or ‘phone.

I’m writing this from inside your screen. They took me in the end. I’m living with the ‘Tweens. 


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