Tuesday, 29 April 2014

You Ask Me Why

Tonight I saw a solar storm,
Which brought the heavens to its knees,
And seared the eyes and hearts of those who watched.
I tasted nectar and ambrosia.
And sat with kings and gods,
And talked of words with Shakespeare.

Tonight I flew with Orville Wright,
And gasped,
As air beneath us passed.
Then ran across the Milky Way,
And shouted at the stars.

Tonight, I fought my enemy,
At the battle of the Somme,
And wept where comrades fell
Somewhere beyond the poppy fields.

Tonight I sat with Einstein,
And over tea,
We talked of time and space,
Then he smiled and laughed with me.

Tonight I tasted life and cried
And swept the universe entire,
Which sat inside my head
And you ask me why
I write.

bobby stevenson 2014

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