Thursday, 3 April 2014

One Day When You Least Expect It

The stand-up and be glorious thing about it is:
You’ll never know when or how it happens,
Never know what affect you’ve had,
Or who you’ve saved.
It might be the smile to a passing stranger,
Who was on their way to shout at someone -
A someone who would have driven home in an anger,
And didn’t see the person they knocked over.
Or a face on a train,
The one who was going to get off at the next lonely station
And jump.
But you helped them with their coat, or hat, or bag,
And they saw a warmth in life again.
Perhaps you held the door open for a soul who then
Held the door open for a stranger, who changed their minds
About pulling the trigger.
One day, when you least expect it,
You will change the world,
And you will probably never, even know.

bobby stevenson 2014

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