Monday, 14 April 2014

The Miner

Some came to wonder at it all,
Imagining that some of the glowing embers from
The dying bonfires, drifted high
Above the tallest trees and  
Became stars themselves.
And there were those who came to dance to rhythms that were laid out
Long before the time of the Big Bang,
Long before the worlds came into being.
And some came to love and in doing so, be loved,
While a few came to hate what life had buried in
Their hearts and in seeing this, hated others
For the same weaknesses.
Some came to heal or be healed,to hold another lost soul
And tell them that everyone mattered.
And some were born to sing a song that had hung around
In Space from the beginning of Time just
Waiting on their hearts to hear the tune.
And me?
I came to dig for slivers of the Universe,
And in the mining,
Turn those slivers into hopes
And into words.

bobby stevenson 2014

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