Friday, 30 November 2012


He knew the time would come when he’d have to leave. 

It was the ‘way of the water’ as his father and his father, before that, had told their off-spring. He’d enjoyed being part of the whole. He felt safe among them all. All the voices of the collective, but soon his time would come to depart and drift away from all that he knew, to make a new life out there – wherever ‘out there’ was.

It is the will of the great water god, he knew that much. Every beginning has the seeds of its own destruction and one day he too would disappear into oblivion.

It happened in the middle of the warm season, the cracking could be heard from a long way away and without warning he had broken from the pack and was drifting. He looked back to see his family trying to cope with the turmoil of another slice of the family gone.

He wasn’t sure how long he drifted on his own but the hot weather came and went, and another cold season descended. He thought he saw others of his own kind, from time to time but they passed in the night.

One day, in the following spring, he was drifting in the dark when a huge monster came so close that he touched the sides of it. He was sure he heard the ripping of skin.

It passed so close to him that he could read the name on the side of it - ‘'rms titanic’.

bobby stevenson 2012

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