Friday, 8 August 2014

She Carried The 'Phone

When she was a child, she carried the ‘phone to let her mother know where she was. ‘Oh mum, I’m fine’
When she was young, she carried the ‘phone in case her friends would call. The long, hot summer days and nights of fun.
When she was older, she carried the ‘phone in case he called and asked her for another evening of laughter and love.
When she was a mother, she carried the ‘phone in case her little ones needed help. ‘You can never be too careful’, she’d tell them.
When she was a little older, she carried the ‘phone in case her grandchildren wanted some time with her.
When she was awake at night, she left the ‘phone by the bed and hoped it never rang.
When she was shopping, the ‘phone she carried called to give her the bad news. Her heart and stomach sank.
Now she is old, she knows that those she loves and misses can never call her, but she carries the ‘phone just in case. 

bobby stevenson 2014

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