Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Watcher

Have you ever walked through a forest alone and felt you were being watched? That somewhere out there, someone or something was staring in your direction?

Here’s a thing - go and look out your old photos, the ones where there is more than just you in them. You probably never noticed it before, but there’s always someone at the back looking straight at the camera or more importantly straight at you.

If you are reading this near a window, look up, I dare you. Look as far as you can see. What is that? A bush? A tree? Some figure in the shadow looking at you?

You shouldn’t have read this far because there’s no way back, not now that you know. Some night when you’ve been going to the bathroom and you happen to look through a window, and there they are watching, walking on the other side of the street, or just waiting. On what? Are they keeping an eye on you, or on those you know, or are they just watching over you. Making sure.

Are they guardians or angels? Are they enforcers? Policing the maze? What if this was Hell and they are the zookeepers.

Once I started to notice, it was hard not to see their shadows. I bet even now, you’re looking somewhere out there to see if they are looking back. Trust me, they are.

Look at the old sepia photos or your grandparents or great-grandparents. The ones where they’re walking by the seaside or in a town. Look carefully mind. You’ll see them, staring, just watching from the rear; one little look but a telling one. Whoever or whatever they are, it must have been easier for them before the camera.

All I’m saying is, be careful. Who knows if they are for or against us. If you look at any old books, old stories, even the religious ones, there is always talk of the stranger who could be seen in the distance. Don’t take my word for it, go and look it up yourself.

I’ve got a theory about it all which I am going to put down on here.

Just a second there’s someone at the door, I’ll come back in a few moments…………

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