Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Ballad Of Square Peg

Peg was the happiest of happy little girls
She beamed and smiled all day long and
Everything was good in Peg’s life except
That she was Square Peg and she lived
In the town of Round Holes
Now the town was a beautiful little place
At the foot of a mountain and anyone would be
Lucky to live there, except Peg found that
Being square didn’t fit well in Round Holes
Everything was built and ordered for the round ones and
Peg couldn’t fit in anywhere
She cut corners to try and fit in
But it hurt her more than she cared to let on
So she found that keeping to herself
And avoiding most things that were round was the way forward
One day she walked out of town just to be herself again
And there she met Square Andy and Square Jane having a
Square dance and she joined in and for the first time
In her life she felt truly at peace
Peg ran all the way back to town and decided that she would
Dig a square hole in the middle of town and invite everyone
To come and see
Some thought it was the end of the world, others thought it
Wrong and blamed all the troubles that befell the place on
The fact that there was a square in the middle of the town
But Square Peg realised that a town was only really happy when
Everyone had a place to feel at home and that the people
Of Round Holes only thought they were happy because they were
Going around in circles
And even although it wasn’t easy, Peg stayed where she was
And soon the place eventually became known as the Town of
Round Holes with the Square in the middle of it all.

bobby stevenson 2014

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