Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stealing Moses By Bobby Stevenson

the poem of the story of the screenplay 

Jake was only 14 years in face but so much more in heart
And Moses, 7 it said on the social report but he was small
And on the nights Mama beat Moses, Jake could hear him crying
Through the wall – the little black boy next door.
Jake had never had a Dad, not one that you could point to in the street
And that was where his Mother worked for 20 bucks a time.
The day that Jake gave Moses a piece of his sleeve to dry away his tears, was when he heard of the little boy’s dreams and the little boy’s real fears.

So on a strange little Wednesday when Jake was left alone again, he took a fiver from the box his mother hid under her bed and stole Moses from the house next door.
The bus took them to the seaside where they ate ice creams and Moses gave the world something rarer than gold – his smile.
But these are the days of child murderers and so people grew concerned.
“All I wanted to do was see him smile” said Jake up to the judge
But the judge didn’t want to listen and sent Jake to a place where his mother didn’t need to care.
Now Moses can cry all he wants as there’s no one left to hear.

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