Monday, 7 January 2019

Smile and Wave

You’re condemned if you do,
And condemned if you don’t,
You’re condemned if you will,
And condemned if you won’t,
You’re condemned if you smile,
And condemned if you cry,
You’re condemned saying who,
Or condemned asking why.
You’re condemned if you hope,
And condemned if you can’t,
You’re condemned for believing,
And condemned if you shan’t,
You’re condemned for beginning
And condemned for the end,
You’re disliked for your hobbies,
And despised for your friends,
You’re condemned for the good,
And condemned for the bad,
Your condemned for the happy,
And destroyed for the sad,
You’re condemned for being straight,
And condemned being gay,
You’re blamed for the night,
And condemned for the day……

……..Let’s face it, you’re never going to win this crap,
Just smile and wave everyone, smile and wave.

Bobby Stevenson 2019

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