Thursday, 11 October 2018

Things That Didn't Make The News Today

Mrs Jacobs, from the other side of town, sat and talked with a homeless man, bought him a cup of tea and left him with a smile.

Sarah completed her Chemo today and her husband bought her fish and chips. She said she would leave them until later, then she kissed him.

John gave his last pound coin to a little old lady collecting for dementia.

Annie and Sam baby-sat for the young girl next door so she could go for a job interview.

James stopped his car and gave three people a ride into town on account of the heavy rain.

Mark talked a young girl, who wouldn’t give her name, from jumping from the viaduct railway bridge.

Margaret donated a pint of blood.

Colin stopped his bicycle and chased off some bullies who had been picking on his younger brother.

Mary brought some soup to the old man who lived on the corner.

And all around the world, the newspapers were printing that there was not enough love in the world.

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