Thursday, 16 February 2017

Where Bullies Are Made

There is no strength in being a bully,
For they all huddle together, learning
Nothing about the hardening of the skin,
You found that out about them later,
When their weaknesses were eating them from the inside out.
You came from a place where bullies were made,
It wasn’t the kids – not them,
But their mothers and fathers,
Who taught them how to hate,
Working class people who moved one step too high,
And were always scared of being found out,
The problem was you believed them,
Believed the names they called you,
Believed the venom,
And then you moved away and saw them
With wide and clearer eyes -
It was then that you realised they came from nothing,
And would soon return back there,
And in their fall, your victory.  

bobby stevenson 2017

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