Thursday, 26 January 2017

I Am So Proud Of You

I am so proud of you,
In so many ways,
Proud of every sinew in your strained body,
Proud, that with even a fractured heart,
You can still stand and smile,
Still look the world
Straight in the face.
I am so proud of you,
For although you ached for love yourself,
You gave yours away to those who needed it,
Proud that when it took everything inside
Just to get to midday,
You got there and you survived,
And  still you remembered and still you cared.
I am so proud of you,
That while you drag all that darkness with you,
You can still make it to the end of the day -
Is at the finish of all this,
(Perhaps we’ll knock on that final door,
And no one will be there),
Just please, please remember this,
With all your heart,
I am so proud of you.

bobby stevenson 2017

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