Friday, 1 July 2016

Zoot and Sandy and Life

As always, Sandy the elephant and Zoot the dog were the best of pals in the whole wide world and, as usual, they were sitting by the river – talking about this, and talking about that. 
“What do you see?” Asked Sandy.
“You always ask me that,” said Zoot, his pal.
“So, what do you see?”
“What I always see…..the birds.”
“The sea…”
“I don’t know. The sky.”
“That’s all you can see?” Asked the elephant.
“What else is there?” Questioned Zoot, the dog.

And then the big elephant shook his head, which made his trunk swing too.
“What? What have I said? Am I wrong?” Asked Zoot.
Sandy the elephant, gave a very important cough to clear his throat because he felt that what he was going to say was very important.
“This universe is very large,”
“Even for an elephant?” Said Zoot.
“Even for an elephant. Some say it could be as much as a billion light years across. Now that’s big. There are even wise women and men who think that there may be more than one universe and that in another one, I could be President.”

“And I could be a rock star,” interrupted Zoot.
“Exactly. Now in all those billions of light years, for me to become an elephant, and you to become a dog – well the chances must be a zillion to one. And to survive and me to meet you and you to meet me, well that must be a trillion, zillion to one. “
“What are you saying?” Asked the little dog.
“That to exist is very special and should never be taken for granted.”
“Do I do that?”
“We all do that,” said Sandy.

“You see, you and I can see how special it is to exist but there are many folks out there who are blind,” said Sandy.
“They can’t see?”
“Not so much that, but they can’t see how special their existence is. How hard the universe must have worked to bring them here.”
“But it makes them feel good about themselves… be blind,” said Sandy thoughtfully.
“But they drag the rest of us down. They think that living in a house, and keeping your money in the bank, and working and then retiring and then dying is all there is in life. And those who don’t see it that way are wrong.”

“Do I do that?” Asked the dog.
“Look again, what do you see? This time really look,” said the elephant.  
“The sky, the sea…”
“And what is between the sky and the sea?”
“The horizon?”

“Exactly my friend. The horizon. That is what the blind can’t see. As long as there is a horizon, there is always something over the horizon.”
“And what is that?” Asked Zoot.
“Why hope,” said Sandy. “Just plain and simple, hope."
bobby stevenson 2016 

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