Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Smilers

There had been too many years of this; too many days and months and lives.

What had once been known as the United Kingdom had been run by successive coalition governments. Little groups who ganged together and pushed for their own agendas.

This led, in the end, to compromise – one which pleased no one, and soon became the worst kind of democracy.

Each blamed the other, each found fault with all the others in the gang. It wasn’t long until civil war took place. Anyone and everyone who did not think like them, was condemned to die.

Brothers fought brothers, fathers fought sons until, in the end people were only surviving.

That was until He came. Solomon they called him. He stood tall with his beliefs and Solomon united the country. He told the disparate gangs that they were not to blame. He told them that it was those on the outside that had caused all the problems, all the wars. After all weren’t they family? Weren’t they from the same blood? Weren’t they from the same glorious mother?
And it worked.

People surrendered their weapons for the glory of the family. It was all that mattered, as long as the family survived. Those who would transgress the family, the outsiders, those who did not share the blood – it was they, surely, who were to blame for all the troubles?

And soon the country united under the banner of the Family. One family, one blood.

Those who were not of a like mind were re-educated – no one knew where or for how long, but if they disappeared then they must have deserved it.

And that was when the Family brought in the rule – only those of the same creed were truly happy. Only those of the family were able to smile.

And the re-educators would scan the streets looking for those who would fight the family, those who were not able to smile.

And that is when we found a way to walk the streets, free from the scanners searching for the down hearted. None of us could be happy every day, and that was what THEY were waiting for, a reason to destroy.

But we survived.

"A smile a day keeps the re-educators away."

bobby stevenson 2015

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