Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Zoot and Sandy and Life

“The worst kind of person to be in the world, is someone who doesn’t know themselves,” said Sandy the elephant as he cogitated on life with his best pal, Zoot the dog.

“How so?” Asked Zoot, who tended to hang on to most things that Sandy said.
“Well, folks who don’t know who they are, always cause the most misery in the world,” said Sandy, pretty sure of himself.
“How do you work that one out?” Asked an intrigued dog.
“Simply put,” explained Sandy. “If they ain’t happy in themselves, then they don’t see happiness in anyone else.”
“You sure?” Asked Zoot.

“Sure, I’m sure. I mean we’re happy, ain’t we and we don’t see unhappiness that ain’t there?” Sandy was pretty adamant about his thoughts.

“What about those birds, flying out there, Sandy?”

“What’s troubling you about the little birds today?”

And so Zoot explained that there was always one of the flock who would fly out of the group and torment other animals, sometimes Zoot himself. This annoyed Zoot and now that he was on that tack, he also got fed up with his garden - and Zoot told Sandy, that although his garden was beautiful, sometimes a weed would grow up in amongst the flowerbeds and ruin the look of it all.

“Everything’s got a right to be, young Zoot,” said the wise old elephant.

“So what can I do?”

“Well if you don’t want the weed there, then don’t have it. But don’t let focusing on a bad thing in a garden ruin it for all the rest of the flowers. In this life, Zoot most of us tend to look at the things which annoy us, rather than all the beauty that surrounds us. We always seem to hear the bad note in a tune rather than the other notes which are trying to make us smile. That bird which torments, well, it’s probably one of those creatures which just don’t know who or what it is yet. But that’s no reason not to see the beauty in the flight and grace of the other birds which are flying out there. Or even the beauty in the tormented bird who torments. Don’t let those who are unhappy or confused blind you to the wonder that exists everywhere.”

And with that, Zoot had another look at the passing birds in flight and realised that the little bird which tormented, was just as beautiful as those who already knew themselves. And that to be happy you just had to accept all the different ways that creatures chose to live. The rules of life weren’t Sandy’s or Zoot’s to make or break.

“Guess, I’ll be heading home for my supper,” said Zoot.

“See you tomorrow?” Asked Sandy.

“See you tomorrow, old pal.”

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