Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Mountain Monster

The mountain monsters were hard to fight, the way they hid behind big rocks then they jumped out on me. But I zapped them with the ray gun my granny gave me at Christmas. 

Half way up the hill, the dinosaurs chased me and tried to eat me but I hid in a small cave and they wobbled past.

When I thought I was nearly at the top, those Red Indians rode out in a circle around me and started to fire arrows, but I just ducked and the arrows went over my head. That was really close.

When I got to the very, very, very top, the Space Aliens were hovering over my head and they wanted to beam me up to their mother ship. But I darted and weaved and they soon got fed up especially when I started throwing stones at them.

Now I’m here at the top with my mum and dad and we’re going to have chocolate cake.


bobby stevenson 2012

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