Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Library

He was born under the tree, the one that still stands in the library and as tradition has dictated down through the generations, he was to be called after those who had lately left the tribe. 

James and John, the Bentley brothers, had gone out one morning and simply never returned. That was over five months before the birth and so it was decided that the new born baby should be known as John James.

John James was strong in mind and body and lived within the library, a place where only the privileged were allowed to inhabit.

And as he grew, he knew in his heart when it was time to move on. The library could only hold a heart and soul for so long before the need to walk in one’s own shadow became too great. 

When the time came, he took as little as possible - for he knew that any more than this and he would encourage the robbers and bandits who plagued the highways and forests in his path. 

He had heard of a great village they called the Quiet Town and if he survived the journey and the disease that had come after the Ending - he would probably remain there for the rest of his life.
He was twenty years of age now and if he was graced, he could look forward to the same again. 

There had been stories that before the Ending people had lived until 70 or 80, even 100 years of age but he dismissed that as myth. 

There had been many myths since the Ending but in his hand was a photo of Quiet Town – this could not be a myth. 

He gave the photo one last look, kissed it and then set off in search of a life that was his.

bobby stevenson 2012

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